Well it’s official, Christmas is just around the corner. How did that happen? Honestly December has got to be the shortest month of the year! You go to sleep December 1st and boom wake up and it’s the 20th.

We talked a little bit about tips and tricks to “staying on track” in my last blog post. Today let’s chat about the do’s and don’ts!

Do: Follow my tips and tricks for entering the holiday season

Don’t: Jump fully off the wagon and into a holiday binge

Do: Find your definition of healthy holidays (all body parts on the wagon with the odd foot off here and there)

Don’t: Say “The holidays are here so I’ll start again in January”

Do: Make your contribution to the holiday table a healthier one.

Don’t: Assume that the holiday’s are a vacation from your exercise routine. It can be as simple as enjoying some fresh air and taking a walk.

Do: Enjoy yourself. Make healthy choices where possible and indulge in a proportionate matter.

In a simplified form, enjoy yourself and your family during this time. Keep your plate portioned (not heeping), enjoy a small dessert (hopefully a low sugar option you brought yourself), and never go to an event hungry.

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