Tiffany Krause

Tiffany Krause

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
Sports Injury Therapist
Can-Fit-Pro Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness and Dance Instructor


Who am I?

I’m a coach. I help new Mom’s get their pre-baby bodies back so they can feel more like themselves. I help busy families organize and choose to eat healthier meals together. I develop individualized meal plans WITH my clients so that it’s sustainable. We use foods they like and the meal prep time they have to offer and together we create new habits with food and nutrition.

My Background

I’m a wife, mother of 2 young kids, dog lover, hobby farmer and health and fitness enthusiast. Meal time is tough! You don’t have to tell me that twice. Its busiest time of day, you’re tired, the kitchen’s messy, the dishwashers full, your kids are sick…… I get it! Here is my background. I graduated from the Canadian Therapeutic College with diplomas in both Massage Therapy and Sports Injury Therapy. After opening my own clinic and working for 3 years I was unable to continue being an RMT due to physical set backs. Having worked out since being 13 years old and having a part-time job in a gym as a teenager it was only time before I made my next career move. I have now been a certified Personal Trainer since early 2008 and have been training wonderful clients out of Fitness Corner Inc. since then. My extensive background in anatomy and injury therapy rehabilitation set me apart from some of the other trainers. It allowed me to work with clients and their healthcare professionals to rehabilitate their injuries and bring them back to a life where they can keep up with their grandkids or furbabies. When I was 18 I obtained my dance teachers certification through the British Association of Teachers of Dance. I currently teach for Sandra Belanger at SB Dance studio and I have been there since fall 2008. Most recently I completed my level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching. As a Personal Trainer I see clients struggling to get results with just their workouts alone. I decided it was time for me to take the time to become a more well rounded trainer and complete this comprehensive certification. So that’s it and here I am ready to help you become a healthier, happier version of yourself!