Halloween Temptation!

How to avoid the halloween candy:
1. Save it for the ghosts and goblins!! Give it away by the handful.
2. Out of sight out of mind! Hide it from yourself. The basement, the garage, the freezer. Put it somewhere that requires effort to get too.
3. Choose healthy. Craving a bite sized halloween treat? Look for a healthier option: almonds, protein ball, made good granola bar, fruit, natural peanut butter on cracker or rice cake, dark chocolate.
4. Drink a glass of water. Some of us struggle to get this in during the day but if you can find time to eat candy you can find time to hydrate!
5. Busy your mind with another task. Organize a cupboard, read a book, cross something off your to do list, prep a healthy snack for the next time this craving hits.
6. Go for a walk. Get outside de-stress. Hit up your local gym or do an online workout!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you all and of couse as always if you are out and about this evening please WATCH out for children and DRIVE slow!

Fingers crossed it stops raining! 🎃🌧🤞🌞

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