Add One Healthy Lifestyle Habit Each Week!

Well here we are 2017! It’s time to set resolutions and goals for the new year. This year set something that you CAN achieve. Start slow and change one habit at a time. Think about what is most important to YOU and what you need to succeed. An achievable idea is to change or add one healthy lifestyle habit each week. Some examples:
1. Eat more colourful fruits and vegetables
2. Eat protein with each meal
3. Join a gym
4. Remove sugar from your coffee/ Tea
5. Meal plan for the week,
6. Hire a trainer to help you get started
7. Write a grocery list with healthy meals in mind and stick to it
8. Don’t eat out this week
9. Try a new fitness class
10. Meditate (if you don’t know how there are apps to help you with this)

There are many more! Happy 2017 friends, here’s to a happy healthy new year!